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Nutrition for cats and dogs

Help them thrive at every stage of life

You know pet nutrition is an important part of keeping your dog or cat healthy, but you may have no idea where to begin. Luckily your Globalvet team is here to help.

This section offers tips and advice on keeping your four-legged friend well-fed and in great health.

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Proper nutrition for cats and dogs: The basics

Feeding your cat or dog veterinary food has a host of benefits. But be aware that it’s not just a matter of buying premium kibble. It means working with your veterinary team to find the best food for your pet’s specific needs. Is wet food or dry food better? Are treats okay? What about an occasional little surprise slipped under the dinner table? You have questions and we have answers.

What does good nutrition do for your cat or dog?

Supports their development and keeps their body in good health

No bones about it—you love your pet! And you want to make sure their organs and other body systems continue to function properly as they grow and mature. A good way to do that is to feed them a balanced diet that meets all their nutritional needs.

Their cat or dog food should be chock-full of proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, micronutrients, and minerals in the right quantities. It should also be targeted to their life stage, health issues, and indoor or outdoor lifestyle. These nutrients play a critical role in your pet’s body by:

  • Providing energy
  • Helping build tissue
  • Contributing to proper organ function
  • Supporting development (for kittens and puppies)

And it’s important to make sure they’re getting the right amount of each nutrient. In some cases, too much or too little could be harmful to your precious pet’s health.

But how do you make sure they’re getting what they need? Why not ask your veterinary team? They’re the experts! Your vet can give you advice on choosing the best cat or dog food for your pet.

You may also want to read our article Choisir la nourriture de votre animal: pourquoi ne pas seulement se fier à la teneur en protéines (in French only).

Improves your pet’s overall health and wellbeing

Healthy food is a sure-fire way to keep your cat or dog bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. Proper nutrition helps them live a longer, more active life and can slow those inevitable signs of aging. What your feline friend or canine companion eats can also:

  • Improve their coat
  • Help them maintain a healthy weight
  • Prevent or alleviate health problems such as:
    • Obesity
    • Skin conditions
    • Digestive disorders
    • Diabetes
    • Joint conditions
    • Urinary tract disorders

Basically, by feeding your pet veterinary food in the right amounts, you’ll be making sure they get the right nutrients and promoting their overall health and wellbeing.

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Increases their life expectancy

We know you want to keep your furry friend around as long as possible. Healthy pets live longer, so feeding them healthy pet food will extend their lifespan.

And, according to one study, cats and dogs who maintain a healthy weight live longer than those that are overweight. It all adds up to an extra 1.8 years of time with your pet! Wouldn’t that be great? Just another good reason to feed them high-quality, well-balanced veterinary food!

To see the results of the pet obesity and life expectancy study, check out these graphics: Pet Obesity General Information Infographics.

Potentially saves money over the long term

At first glance, the pet food sold in your local veterinary clinic may seem more expensive than the average off-the-shelf kibble. But appearances can be deceiving.

First, the quality of the cat and dog food sold in grocery stores, supermarkets, and pet stores varies widely from one line or brand to another. High-quality veterinary food is actually very competitively priced when you look at the big picture.

When you buy healthy food products from a vet’s office, you’re choosing quality over quantity. You’ll know your cat or dog is eating food that’s:

  • Made with safe, premium ingredients
  • Nutritionally balanced
  • Designed to meet their specific needs

These superior products can have a real impact on your pet’s health over the long term. How? Because they’re designed, tested, and approved to deliver the nutrients your furry friend needs.

As an added bonus, your purchase is backed by professional advice from your veterinary team. After all, they’re experts in feline and canine nutrition. They understand what your pet needs and can recommend the best pet food for their age, physical condition, and lifestyle.

Feeding your pet a premium diet monitored by a veterinary team can help them stay healthy and fit and even prevent certain conditions. That doesn’t mean they won’t ever get sick—but it will go a long way toward keeping them feeling their best.

Over time, a clean bill of health and a preventive diet can stave off illness and the resulting expense of trips to the vet, medication, and other headaches that could ultimately cost you more than what you would have paid for higher quality food.

Want to find out how much veterinary food costs? Want tips on saving money? Read Money tips for caring pet owners, an informative article on the American Veterinary Medical Association website.

Why ask your veterinary team for nutrition advice?

Your pet is part of the family

If we don’t already know your cat or dog, we’re going to get to know them. From the first time your pet is seen by one of our veterinary teams, they become part of the Globalvet family.

We will take care of them and monitor their health over time. That means we can offer personalized feeding recommendations based on their:

  • Age and weight
  • Breed
  • Level of physical activity
  • Underlying health conditions

Your pet is unique, so they deserve nutrition advice tailored to their unique habits and situation. That’s where we come in!

You and your pet can rely on our expertise in animal nutrition

Proper nutrition means more than just giving Fluffy or Fido their favourite kibble. It means looking at your pet’s life from a holistic perspective to choose the cat or dog food that best meets their specific needs. Everything from daily feedings to those tasty treats they beg for.

But to do that, you first have to understand feline and canine health, nutritional needs, and eating behaviours. This is knowledge your veterinary team puts into practice every day, so you can rely on us for sound advice on choosing the best pet food.

Does your cat or dog have a particular health condition like allergies, obesity, urinary incontinence, or joint pain? We can teach you how to manage their condition through their food. You may also want to check out the sections of our website on specialized diets for cats and dogs:

  • Specialized cat food
  • Specialized dog food

To better understand why you should consult your veterinary team on your pet’s diet, read the article Vet Recommended Pet Food Explained on the Hill’s website.

You’ve got an entire team behind you

Did you know that your pet’s dietary needs change over time? That’s right—your companion’s nutritional requirements will evolve depending on their stage of life and state of health, and you’ll need to tweak their diet accordingly.

This is another area where your Globalvet team can offer invaluable support. Every time you bring your cat or dog in, we’ll assess their nutritional needs and make appropriate recommendations.

We also have tools to monitor specific aspects of your pet’s diet. For instance, using Globalvet’s proprietary nutrition software, we can:

  • Make nutritional recommendations tailored to your cat or dog
  • More accurately determine their energy needs
  • Break down the real daily and monthly costs of their cat or dog food
  • Give you a paper food prescription or email it to you

Globalvet also offers the following online services:

And our support doesn’t stop there: After you make a purchase, we make sure your faithful companion likes their new cat or dog food and is eating well. If not, we can give you some tips or offer alternative solutions.

The quality of veterinary food makes all the difference

The pet foods sold in vet clinics offer scientifically proven benefits and the safest possible ingredients. This outstanding quality can only be achieved through:

  • Clinical trials that attest to the health benefits of each recipe
  • Veterinary nutritionists who create special diets
  • Ingredients that are traceable and safe
  • A satisfaction guarantee

Check out the Committed to quality and food safety page on our partner Royal Canin’s website to see an example of a quality commitment you can trust.

Products tailored to your cat or dog

Cats and dogs have different dietary needs, so they need pet food specifically designed for them. To better understand these needs, click an option below to go to the cat or dog nutrition section of the website.

Need advice on pet food?

Contact your local clinic or visit our online shop.


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