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    Nutrition for dogs

    Smart food choices make your dog happy

    Why is dog nutrition so important? Because their health and wellbeing (and tail wagging!) depend on their dog food. After all, there’s nothing better than coming home after a long day at work to be greeted by the welcoming committee—your precious pooch! We know you want these golden moments to last well into your dog’s golden years, and giving them healthy dog food is the best way to ensure that.

    In this section, you’ll learn how to choose the best dog food for your faithful friend with the help of your Globalvet team.

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    Choosing the best dog food

    It seems like every day there’s a new type of dog food or diet being touted. You may find it all a little overwhelming. After all, you just want to do what’s best for your dog.

    Every Globalvet veterinary clinic has a shop stocked with veterinary dog food and specialized products. There are dog food options specifically designed for different life stages and health conditions. But how do you figure out which to choose? Ask your veterinary team for recommendations. Our web pages on dog nutrition at all stages of life are also a great source of useful information.

    Need advice on pet food?

    Contact your local clinic or visit our online store.


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