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    Cat nutrition

    Making the right choices makes for one contented cat

    One good way to keep your cat happy and healthy is to offer them the best cat food that meets all their nutritional requirements. After all, you love your cat so much! Their feline whims, cattitude, and (eerily) piercing gaze...they’re your companion for life and you want to hear that purr for a long, long time.

    Read on for some expert advice from your Globalvet team to help you make an informed decision.

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    Ensure your cat’s nutrition with food from a line formulated for their unique needs

    Got a fussy feline on your hands? Overwhelmed by all the cat food options out there? Not to worry! Your Globalvet shop carries lines of veterinary cat food designed for every age, stage, and condition. Not to mention that you have an expert team onsite to help you with your decision. Need info right away? Take a glance at our articles on cat nutrition during the different stages of your kitty’s life.

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