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    At Globalvet, we believe that care, behaviour, and nutrition are the three pillars of animal wellness. The three are closely intertwined, which is why we look at all of them when we examine your cat or dog.

    But the Globalvet difference lies in the fact that we also help you build a healthier, more loving relationship.


    Everything you need to know about COVID-19 and your pet’s health and safety, including the specific steps we’re taking to ensure everyone’s wellbeing.


    In these uncertain times, your safety is our number one priority. Whether you want to come in for a consultation or stock up on products from home, we’ve developed new ways to protect both you and your pet. We’re there for you—even at a distance.

    ” Our holistic approach prioritizes your pet’s overall health but we also place particular importance on the bond you build with them. Having a pet adds so much to your life. We do everything we can to help you return the favour by keeping your companion happy and healthy. ” Dr. Martin Godbout, DVM, DACVB, Veterinary Behaviourist

    Globalvet Les chiens Togo

    We really and truly do.
    Les Chiens Togo is an initiative that gives abandoned dogs a new leash on life by training them to be service dogs. A cause we support wholeheartedly, which is why we provide them with free veterinary care.

    It’s just one more way of staying involved in our community and furthering our mission of improving the relationship between pets and their owners.


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