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    Specialized food for your dog

    Give them food calibrated for their condition

    Does your dog have a specific condition related to their health, breed, habits, or some other factor? Are they packing a few extra pounds? It might be time to consider a specialized food regimen designed to prevent, treat, or even diagnose a health problem or illness. It can help your canine companion live longer—and better.

    Learn more about the different therapeutic diets that are out there and get advice from your Globalvet team on your dog’s specific condition(s).

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    Prevent, treat, or diagnose a health condition in your dog with a prescription diet

    Specialized dog food is formulated to help you prevent—and in some cases diagnose—certain issues or illnesses in your four-legged friend.

    Somewhere between a life stages diet and a prescription, these customized foods are designed to:

    • Meet the specific needs of your ailing dog
    • Avoid certain allergens, in some cases
    • Help an organ or other body part function properly

    And because they fill distinct roles and contain specific ingredients, vet-approved foods are subject to strict standards. That means they’re prepared with care and tested for effectiveness and quality.

    Usually sold in clinics, these foods often require a prescription and monitoring by your veterinarian. That’s because only your vet can provide the necessary expertise, diagnosis, advice, and follow-up care. This type of food can only be prescribed if your dog has a specific health condition like an allergy, a heart problem, a skin condition, arthritis, obesity, or diabetes.

    As with prescription medication, a custom diet may be appropriate in one instance but counterproductive in another. That’s why your vet will ask you targeted questions and review your pet’s history to point you toward the right recipe.

    But that’s not all—your vet can also take a holistic look at your dog’s diet, from those little extras you slip under the table to the treats you buy at the store. Because all the elements have to line up for a therapeutic diet to work.

    Vet-approved food and advice tailored to your dog’s condition

    Whether your dog is carrying extra weight or has a skin condition or an illness like diabetes, our canine health experts can provide smart advice on a range of topics, including:

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