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    DIY dog toys

    3 June 2021

    Are you interested in using some items you have around your home to make toys your dog will love? Read this article for some ideas on fun toys you can make with your family!

    These DIY toys may not be right for every dog. If you’re dog is a chomper who rips apart and eats whatever toys you give them, it’s best to stick to the sturdy store-bought toys you can find in our online stores.


    You can use an old shirt, a pair of jeans, or any item of clothing you haven’t worn in a while to make a great toy for your dog. Pick a strong fabric (cotton, fleece, denim, etc.) and braid size that matches your dog.

    1. Use scissors to cut the fabric into strips that are all the same length. Remove any buttons, decorations, or pieces that could hurt your pup.
    2. Tie the ends of the strips securely together in a knot.
    3. Braid the strips together however you like.
    4. When you finish braiding, tie another knot at the end of the braid.

    Click to see a video on how to make this toy.

    If you want to make something that’s more of a challenge, here are a few creative ideas for you:


    A simple empty bottle and a piece of fabric can be transformed into a toy your dog with adore!

    1. Cut a piece of fabric to the right size to cover an empty plastic bottle.
    2. Cut a fringe at either end of the piece of fabric.
    3. Put some kibble or treats into the bottle and put the cap back on.
    4. Wrap the fabric around the bottle and tie each end using the strips in the fringes you made.

    You can also use a sock to make this toy. Just put the bottle in the sock, tie a knot at the end, and you’re done!

    Click to see a video on how to make this toy.


    Who would have thought that an empty bottle and a piece of fabric could make such a cute toy!

    1. Follow this pattern to cut the shape of a bone out of your chosen fabric.
    2. Pin the two pieces together so that the shapes line up.
    3. Sew a border about half an inch from the edge to join the two pieces together.
    4. Turn your project inside out.
    5. Put the bottle inside the pouch you sewed. If you want the ends to be fuller, put some stuffing or scraps of fabric around the bottle.

    Click here for more detailed instructions.

    You can also make a more classic version of this stuffed toy by filling it with tissue paper, plastic bags, or stuffing from an old ripped toy. You could make a stuffed bone, round cushion, or heart—the possibilities are endless! You can even add a squeaker to make it a squeak toy!

    Important: Don’t give this type of toy to your dog if they tend to rip apart stuffed animals! If this is the case, you probably weren’t planning to make this type of toy anyway.

    You can also make a cute toy out of a sock and a couple of tennis balls.

    1. Put tennis balls in a sock (you can use as many or as few balls as you like).
    2. Use your imagination to decorate the toy—turn it into a caterpillar, a snowman, or a little monster!

    Don’t use rope, elastic, or string that your dog may break off and eat.

    Click here for more detailed instructions.


    If you’ve got a little four-legged archaeologist on your hands, who loves to dig, they’ll go nuts for this one! Make a sandbox for your dog and bury some toys or treats in it. Your dog will have a blast digging them up! This gives your dog an appropriate place to dig so they don’t tear up your lawn instead!

    1. Determine what size sandbox you want to build.
    2. Cut a board to the right size to make the bottom.
    3. Determine the height of the sides and cut out some boards.
    4. Sand all the pieces of wood so your dog doesn’t get hurt.
    5. Use wood glue to secure the side boards to the base. Add a few screws to make it even sturdier.
    6. Fill the box with sand.

    Click to see a video on how to make this toy.



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