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    DIY cat toys

    3 June 2021

    Cats spend a lot of time lounging in the sun or napping on the living room couch. But they also need to stretch, run, and play! Globalvet has some ideas for toys you can make out of things around your home.

    Have you noticed that your cat tends to abandon a new toy shortly after you’ve given it to them? You can rotate their toys! Take out only one or two toys at a time, and change what toys are available for them to play with each day. That way your kitty will stay interested because the toys will always seem new to them.

    Before you get started, here are some safety tips to make sure your DIY toy is nothing but fun for your kitty:

    • Pick toys that suit your cat’s habits. If your cat tends to chew on things or ingest certain materials they find around the house, don’t make toys that might encourage this behaviour.
    • If the toy has several different components, make sure all the parts are securely fastened so your cat doesn’t tear one off and eat it.
    • Check the toy from time to time to make sure it is still intact.


    There is no shortage of options for cute catnip pouches that will drive your kitty wild!

    • Put some catnip in a stocking and fill it with stuffing or pieces of fabric.

    • Put some catnip inside a toilet paper roll and seal the ends.

    • If you’re good with a needle and thread, you could sew some cushions in different shapes and colours to keep your cat entertained.


    Cats love to hunt and chase after their prey. They’ll be delighted with a toy they can hunt.

    • Transform a cork into prey using feathers and other materials that will catch your cat’s eye.

    • Cut a few strips of fabric from an old sweater and tie them into a cute bow. You can even tuck some catnip inside to make your creation even more appealing.

    • There are no shortage of toys you can make out of toilet paper rolls. Glue on feathers, tie on lace, let your creativity run wild!

    • Tie two to five-inch strips of felt around a keyring.

    • Cut a long fringe into one side of a rectangle of fabric. Wrap the uncut side of the rectangle around a small wooden stick and voilà! You’ve got a soft little duster your cat will love.


    Cats love toys on strings that twitch back and forth.

    • Make a few pompoms, attach them to the end of a string, and wave them in front of your cat. You can also hang pompoms off the cat tree or other high place so your cat can play with them on their own.

    • Want your kitty to occupy themselves? Glue feathers, pompoms, or anything else you can think of to a paper towel roll and hang it up for your cat to play with!


    • You can build them a tiny amusement park with just five small pieces of wood! Attach objects your cat loves and they’ll have a great time playing with it and getting some exercise! See detailed instructions on how to make this toy.


    Do you know about interactive cat feeders? They’re great toys that will put your kitty’s paws and mind to work. For some great ideas for DIY cat feeders, see our article on the subject.

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